Anna Mae's Flowers Cattery

Included with every baby

  • Airfare
  • Health Record
  • Health Guarantee
  • Vet Approval
  • Vaccinations
  • Spay/Neuter
  • FELV/FIV Negative
  • Pedigree
  • TICA Registration
  • Baby Supplies
  • Any other fees associated with shipping
  • *Airfare outside of the United States will be priced as applicable

This is a general price guide for my kittens.
If you dream of owning a Peterbald baby but need special considerations, email me and I will try to help in any way that I can.

Ultra Bald (no hair at all)


These cats have no eyelashes or whiskers. They are also called smooth bald because they are smooth all over and extremely warm to the touch.

Available Kittens

Flock, Velour, Chamois, Brush


These cats appear to be naked to the general public but will have a small amount of hair (like fuzz) on their nose, ears, paws or tail. These cats feel like warm silk or satin.

Available Kittens

Straight coat PeterBald and Cornish Rex kittens


Straight-Coated Peterbalds do not have the hair loss gene and have short, close-lying coats and normal, straight whiskers.

Available Kittens

All kittens will be current on vaccinations, TICA Registered and vet approved prior to leaving our home.
Prices quoted are for Pet Kittens only and these kittens are always altered prior to leaving our home.

*As the kittens grow the prices on the website are subject to change for rare colors such as mink or sepia due to desirability, breeding potential, and show qualities.

*A price that has been quoted to someone who has sent a deposit already will never change. *The price of straight coated PeterBald  kittens are not subject to change. 

Shipping is always included in the price of each kitten. If a kitten is personally picked up, there will be a discount of $225.00 Making the price of the kitten to be picked up $1025.00

I try to work with anyone who dreams of owning a Peterbarld baby. I am more than willing to drive to meet someone if we can instead of shipping. I will also work with someone on payment plans and can accept credit cards through PayPal. So, if I can help, just ask.

We are a very small cattery but we do occasionally have to retire one of our Peterbalds. So if owning a young adult sounds like fun, let me know and I can update you when one of ours becomes available.

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